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To ensure that unparalleled business performance standards are being maintained, AKFT continuously invests in human capital. The Operations Team (OT) of AKFT works in different parts of the world with several refineries and associate companies to process and trade crude oil and crude derivatives. It has helped AKFT develop a global reputation as a reliable partner and associate throughout the oil market.

Objectives for the OT are to maintain high standards of performance, to find better ways of serving AKFT associates worldwide, and to ensure that AKFT scopes out oil markets.

The OT has the expertise, geographic coverage, and financial strength to meet the challenges rendered by the oil market. It also possesses specialist knowledge required to partake in the more demanding specification transactions, which are expected to more sharply characterize markets of the near future.

AKFT OT seeks to maintain a combination of flexibility and control required to effectively operate in this diverse and dynamic market.
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