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     AL KAMALI FUEL TRADING is eligible and active to trade with the following commodities in the international Market:
     Fuel (Crude Oil Derivatives)

             Gas Oil (Sulfur 0.2 min, 0.8 max)
                     Diesel Fuel L 62 GOST 305-82 (Flashpoint degree above 62 for vessels and gas turbines)
                     Diesel Fuel L 40 (Flashpoint degree above 40 for general diesel engines)
                     Hydrofined Diesel Gasoil 50ppm (ULSD)

             Fuel Oil
                     HSFO 180 CST
                     HSFO 380 CST
                     Mazut M100 (Gost 10585_75)
                     Mazut M100 (Gost 10585_99)

             Gasoline (Petrol)
                     Regular Gasoline unleaded 92 (Mogas UNL 92)
                     Premium gasoline 50 PPM

             Jet Fuel (Aviation Turbine Fuel “Kerosene Type”, Jet A-1)

             Naphtha (Straight Run Naphtha)

             Crude Oil
                     API >= 30
                     API < 29
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