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AKFT supplies bunkering companies with M100 fuel oil. When blended with other fuel oil, the bunkering fuel required can be created.

AKFT has delivered a volume of 228,000 (Two Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand) metric tones of bunkering fuel since 2004.

Together with associate companies, AKFT can provide a range of bunkering services including fueling, blending, storage, and trans-shipment of different types of bunkering fuel such as: Bunker Intermediate Fuel Oil - IFO380 & IFO180, and Bunker Marine Gasoil MGO.

AKFT and associate companies in the bunkering business signed subcontract to operate a number of fleets in order to meet commitments in high-quality bunkering services. This commitment includes the maintenance of integrity of bunker fuels, safety during bunker delivery, guaranteed product quality, and competitive pricing.

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